This walk. 

Listen…. this walk ain’t easy. In fact , it can be very painful, very lonely and at times exhausting. Saying yes to God will be one of the hardest journeys you ever embark on in life. Saying yes to God, means saying no to the life you once knew before God. Truly saying yes to God requires that God puts you through a refining process. A process of purification. While God purifies you, expect some lonely days. Expect to lose people in your life. Expect for things in your life to fall apart. Expect for people to misunderstand you. Expect to feel out of place. These are all indicators that God is actively working in your life. Just like during childbirth there is a temporary period of pain , so it is in our walk with God. As believers we all go through our seasons of trials and tribulations. Like a baby develops in the womb for 9 months before birth , God gives us a season of preparation and waiting before we are ready to give birth to our purpose and receive certain blessings. During this time God will develop our faith. It is during the hard seasons and during our quiet seasons that our faith in God is truly developed. When God tells you no, will you still give him your yes? When everything around you goes against the promises that God has for you, will you still trust him? See, as believers we can’t be weak. Our faith has to be able to withstand the trials that will come against us because they will surely come! Any situation that God allows you to go through is because he loves you. Like the Good Father that he is , he only wants the best for you. His best for you is better than ANYTHING that you can have for yourself. This walk requires you to move by faith and not by sight. To be able to move by faith means that you truly trust All of who God says he is. That even when our lives are in chaos that we do not dwell upon what is going on around us but we rest solely upon the God who dwells within us. To TRUST who God says he is, we must KNOW who God says he is. This requires an active prayer life and studying the word. Romans 10:17 tells us that ” So then FAITH comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of God.” There is absolutely NOTHING that we go through that God can’t handle. The very thing that you are facing right now, God already had an end date for it before you knew of its beginning. Despite how much it hurts. Despite how difficult it is. Despite how lonely it is. Endure. Endure this moment. Endure this season! Just like childbirth allows for the delivery of the baby , this season will deliver new blessings and promises of God. Then you will understand why it had to hurt. Why it was uncomfortable. Trust that you serve a God who will never leave you nor forsake you. Though this journey is difficult , saying yes to God is the BEST decision you will EVER make in life. God will wreck your life to put it back together so beautifully. All we are required to do is be obedient and hold on because the best is yet to come! So be encouraged, God is starting a brand new work in you❤️


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  1. It is incredible to watch God use you in ways that we may have never even imagined. Your journey is a testament to the promise he made for our lives, and I am extremely proud to call you my friend. He has his hands on you and the grace and mercy is exudes in the spirit you present before many. Thank you for being open to share your journal with the world. 🌎❤️


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